07 January 2010

hello 2010, you beautiful thing..

So I'm starting by blog off for the new year in total Stacey style, ALWAYS late.. lol My mother used to joke that I would be late for my funeral someday. I'm starting to believe her.

Let's just start off by saying 2009 was NOT my year. If it could have went wrong, it did. If it was supposed to be good, it wasn't. And if it should have remained the same, it didn't. It was one of those years where you just wanted to go back to bed till it was over. But in the true style of life, the bad always brings out the good. I've learned alot about myself this year. What I stand for, what I'm capable of and how I view the people I love the most all became crystal clear this past year. While 2009 was definetely not my year, it did set the stage for what appears to be a fabulous year ahead! So to 2009 I say thank you for lessons, but good riddens! And to 2010 I say hello, where will you take me?

And of course as a true scrapper, if you didn't scrap it, it didn't happen. So I made a page saying goodbye to 2009.




I hope you all have a year filled with promise and adventure!



euphoria said...

welcome back- Happy New Year~

Awesome LO! Glad you learned alot this past year, it was worth something!

Here's to a great 2010~

Calia Yang said...

girl!! WOOT WOOT to a new you!!! ^_^

Let's have a great 2010! ^_^ (almost typed 2019) hahahah

Suzanne said...

Look at you, blogging TWICE this year! LOL Love the layout! :-)

Eva M. said...

1) I love the idea of scrapping good-bye to a year.
2) It may not have been your best year, but it's part of who you are and helped shape your character.
3) You totally rock, Stacey.