14 June 2010


There's exiting news at the Klug home right now. Mr.K got a call telling us that in November we're moving to... GERMANY!! Now to some of you it may seem a little odd that I would be this excited, but after 10 years of living in two states that I absolutely hated, this news is like winning the lottery! Plus it has always been a dream of mine to travel Europe and now it's a reality.

Right now my days are filled with googling every bit of information I can get my hands on and trying to learn to speak German (which by the way is ALOT harder than I thought it would be!)

So in 4 months my posts will be filled with images like these..

Pinch me I must be dreaming!!



Terri said...

WOW!! That is VERY exciting, Stacy!!! What an experience for all of you!! I am thrilled for you & your family!! :-)

danilouwho said...

Oooh!! WOW! That's awesome!